What is maltitol? Benefits and uses

Learn more about the properties of maltitol, a sweetener that is becoming increasingly popular for its benefits and uses in the production of sweet foods.

Maltitol. What is it?

Maltitol is a sweetener from the family of sugar alcohols, known as polyalcohols or polyols. Other examples are sorbitol, xylitol or mannitol. It can be found in ingredient lists as (E-965).

Maltitol is quite sweet, similar to sugar, as it is approximately 90% as sweet. So less of it is needed to achieve the desired taste. It is also lower in calories.

What is maltitol used for?

Maltitol’s main function is in the production of sweet foods, especially in beverages, candies, medicines and in baked goods, especially those labelled as low sugar or no added sugars.

Maltitol is generated by the hydrogenation of maltose, which comes from starch. It gives a creamy texture to foods made with it, which means that it can also be used to replace fat.

Benefits of maltitol

It does not affect the appearance of caries

Like all polyols, maltitol does not trigger bacteria in the mouth to break down sugars and starches, so it does not erode tooth enamel or cause tooth decay.

Several important associations, such as the American Dental Association, state the benefits of taking maltitol as a substitute for conventional sugar, for the prevention of caries, as well as including good dental hygiene.

It is lower in calories

This is because the absorption of maltitol by our body is very slow. Part of it is absorbed in the small intestine and another part in the large intestine, where the metabolism provides fewer calories. Maltitol only provides 2.4 calories per gram consumed, which, if we compare it with the 4 grams of sugar, the difference is remarkable.

This caloric value is defended by the European Union as it has issued a Directive on Nutritional Labelling, which states its caloric value at 2.4 calories per gram, like all polyols.

Very useful for the production of chocolate without sucrose

The production of chocolate without sucrose, or without added sugar, years ago was extremely difficult, as there was no polyol with the physical and chemical requirements that sucrose provided.

Nowadays, maltitol, due to its anhydrous crystalline form, its high melting point and its stability, makes it a perfect substitute in the confectionery, confectionery, chocolate and ice cream sections.

Does maltitol help people with diabetes?

An NCBI study indicates that maltitol is digested slowly, so it produces a lower glycaemic response. In addition, its caloric value is significantly lower than sugar, so it can be very useful for producing alternative foods for people suffering from diabetes. Find out in detail in our article how maltitol and diabetes can be compatible.

Maltitol with other ingredients. Does maltitol work well when mixed with other ingredients?

Yes, it is definitely a good ally with other substances and ingredients and can even be used in combination with other sweeteners if necessary.

If you want more information or are interested in maltitol we can help you.

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what is maltitol? - benefits and uses

What is maltitol? Benefits and uses

Learn more about the properties of maltitol, a sweetener that is becoming increasingly popular for its benefits and uses in the production of sweet foods.

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